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"As an architect you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown"

Norman Foster

"A design isn't finished until someone is using it"

Brenda Laurel

"Design is where science and art break even"

Mieke gerritzen

Our Services

We place our expertise at your disposal to meet your needs and accomplish your dream.


Residential Architecture is our passion and the core of what we do. Our focus is on creating and crafting beautifully designed homes.


Commercial Architecture forms a vast part of our modern landscape, we strive to make a clear and decisive design contribution.


Giving back and contributing our services to society is vitally important to us. Good design belongs to us all.

Who are we?

"Talent is good, Practice is better, Passion is best"

Frank Lloyd Wright

Fusion Architecture is a practice of likeminded individuals who have come together for the sake of architecture and the creation of specially considered buildings.

Originally started in 2005 as "Planning Design Architecture" by Stuart Allan the firm has grown into Fusion Architecture with the advantage of Time, Experience and Dedication. We continue to grow with the inclusion of gifted Architect Ana Corrochano.

Meet the team

Meet the principals

Ana Corrochano

Ana studied architecture in Madrid and in Rome. After graduating in 2007 she worked in London and has been living and working in Cape Town since 2009.

Madrid showed her that every single corner of a public space can be used and enjoyed. In Rome she experienced the effect that a magnificent space can have on people and how it connects them to something greater than themselves. In London she learned the importance of sun light, open public spaces and how to use them. Cape Town served to confirm how nature improves the beauty of a city and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

She grew up in Madrid but often spend holiday time in the rural Spain or traveling around Europe. From childhood she understood how people live differently depending on their traditions, culture and environment. From the Metropolis to the rural areas, from Europe to Africa, people might live differently but the quality of space is always achieved by natural light and ventilation, adequate orientation according to the use and climate, a balanced proportion and the relationship with the landscape and surroundings. On top of these fundamentals, diverse architecture is the key to link people needs to the build environment and the complex world we live in.

Stuart Allan

After traveling into his early twenties spending time in various countries around Africa, Europe and North America, Stuart learned the importance of how people lived in divergent countries and cultures. This started hi appreciation for the built environment and the importance of respecting the world around us.

Stuart Returned to South Africa and after qualifying in 2002, He started his career studying under Bert Pepler, who taught him how to implement design principals and to detail to the finest, detail. He then worked for Phillip Thompson where he learned the art of implementing a project, getting the vision built. Phillip also taught him how to run a project, an office and a business.

Stuart went into private practice in 2005 Focusing on Luxury residential and medium commercial buildings as a partner at Fusion Architecture. He also holds a directors role in a built environment company PDA Group, which incorporates an Interior design company Urban Spaces.

Stuart has a passion for the built environment, he understands the importance of respecting it and the honor and responsibility professionals have to grow and maintain it.Listed as influences would be the great Architects Mies Van der Rohe, Le corbusier , Richard Meier and Phillip Johnson. Favorite buildings would include the Barcelona pavilion (Mies van der Rohe) along with Phillip Johnson's Glass House.

Our Projects

A selection of some of our recent work.

Grotto Bay

Grimsby Road

Athlone Epilepsy

House Dallas



Newlands Village

Fairland House

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